How to Properly Care for Your Hats

By following these simplified tips, you can keep your felt and straw hats in excellent condition and extend their lifespan.

(Applicable to Both Felt and Straw Hats)

  • Proper Storage 

  1. Hat Boxes: Store your hat in a hat box when not in use. This protects it from dust and helps maintain its shape.
  2. Hat Stands: Use a hat stand or a head-shaped form to keep the hat's structure intact.
  3. Avoid Hanging by the Brim: Hanging hats by the brim can cause them to lose their shape. Instead, store them upside down on the crown.
  • Protection Tips

  1. Avoid moisture. If wet, gently blot with a towel and let it air dry away from direct heat sources.<br>- Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and weakening of the material.
  • Handle with Care

  1. By the Brim: Always handle your hat by the brim rather than the crown to avoid deforming it.
  2. Gentle Handling: Avoid rough handling or crushing the hat, as this can alter its shape.
  • Regular Maintenance Tips

  1. Reshape using steam if necessary. Hold the hat over steam to make the material pliable, then gently reshape it by hand
  2. For expensive or heavily used hats, consider professional cleaning and reshaping services.
  • Regular Cleaning

Material Cleaning Method
Felt Hats

- Brush regularly with a soft brush to remove dust and dirt. Brush in a counterclockwise direction.

- Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap for minor stains.

Straw Hats

- Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt.

- Spot clean with a soft brush and a mild soap solution for minor stains.